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Zoe is one of peppa's friends she wears a purple dress and white nappy, she always change her nappy when she gets pooped and farted. She has two twin baby sister's named Zuzu and Zaza Zebra and she is 5 years old. In the episode, "The Pet Competition" Zoe takes off her nappy with a brown thing on it. Her best friend is Theresa Tiger but it was said to be Rebecca Rabbit in the episode The Quarrel. However, in the episode Rebecca's Friend, it is shown again. In Littlest Peppa, she makes her appearance in "The Expo Factor" where she first meets Peppa and Suzy, but, Pedro has a crush on her in that episode, but, although she found Pedro charming, she couldn't take him as his girlfriend. So Pedro stuck with Peppa.

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Zoe zebra

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