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Peppa Gets Away from a Fire Drill and Goes to Hawaii

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(note: this is a peppa pig and the amazing world of gumball crossover) Madame Gazelle: Okay, class. Today we're going to have a fire drill.

Peppa: Erm... Madame Gazelle? DO YOU KNOW WHAT A FIRE DRILL IS?!

Madame Gazelle: A fire drill means there's no fire and the alarm goes "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!" How's the fire drill, Peppa?

Peppa: (giggles) No way!

Suzy: Come on, Peppa! Let's go to Hawaii because the place is safe!

Danny and Pedro: Yeah!

Peppa: Okay!

Peppa, Suzy, Danny, and Pedro: (they all run out of the school) AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Gumball: Okay, Darwin. What shall we play?

Gumball and Darwin: DODGE OR DARE!!

Gumball: Roll the dice, and--

(Gumball and Darwin get crashed by Peppa and her friends)

Gumball: Ow!

Darwin: Ouchy-ooh!

Peppa: I'm sorry, you guys! But we kept running!

(after two hours running...)

(Peppa, Suzy, Danny, and Pedro stop at an airport)

Peppa: Excuse me, ma'am. Can we go on an airplane to Hawaii?

Miss Rabbit: Yes, Peppa. Here it is.

(a plane comes by)

Peppa: Thanks, Miss Rabbit!

Miss Rabbit: Don't mention it.

(Peppa and her friends go on the plane and the plane starts zooming away)

Miss Rabbit: (waves good-bye) Good luck, everyone! Have a wonderful trip! (chuckles)

(on the plane...)

Peppa: Whew! I hope Madame Gazelle thinks that her school is safe.

Suzy: I know it is, Peppa. But we will be very safe.

Pedro: Look, Peppa! There's Hawaii!

Peppa, Suzy, Danny, and Pedro: HOORAAAAAAY!!! (they all giggle)

(later, at Hawaii...)

Peppa: Ahh. (sips her juice) Hawaii is the best. Right, Suzy?

Suzy: Right, Peppa.

Peppa: Look, Suzy! There's Pedro surfing!

(pan to Pedro surfing on the waves)

Pedro: Whee! (giggles) Cowabungaaaaa! Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo! (giggles some more)

Peppa: And look! There's Danny hula-dancing!

Danny: (singing) Ahola oe, ahola oe! Mak-homa-homa-homa-ha! Cha-cha-cha! Qua-qua-la-la! Rekkersoni! Whak-whak-whak-whak-homa-ha-ha-ha! Cha-cha-cha!

Peppa and Suzy: Oh, boy. Hawaii is great. (they both giggle)

(three weeks later...)

Daddy Pig: What's the matter, Peppa?

Peppa: Everything's the matter, Daddy! Suzy, Danny, and Pedro took me to Hawaii when it's safe. (sobs)

Daddy Pig: How about we study for the big debate?

Peppa: Who cares about that STUPID DEBATE?!?

Daddy Pig: When there's a fire drill, there's no fire.

Peppa: No fire?! (sobs loudly) Daddy, can you go to sleep with me?

Daddy Pig: Sure. (snores extremely heavy) Mmm...

Peppa: Mmm... (snores lightly) Ah, Suzy... (snore-snore) Hmm...

(the next morning...)

Daddy Pig: Breakfast is ready! Peppa, run downstairs and eat!

Peppa: Okay. (trips over a stair, and...) Whoa!


Daddy Pig: (gasps) Goodness me! Your Hawaiian surprise has dropped by your cereal!

Peppa: I know, Daddy. I just know. (sighs, then telephones Suzy) Hello?

Suzy: (on phone) Good morning, friends from Hawaii! Ahola! We can play games, sing songs, and have fun, fun, FUN!!! (giggles) Tons of fun, piles of smiles, carafes of laughs! (giggles some more) Knock-knock!

Peppa: Who's there?

Suzy: Lettuce!

Peppa: Lettuce who?

Suzy: Lettuce go to Hawaii! (giggles)

Peppa: Oh! (giggles) That funny joke!

Suzy: Oh, but then you can go anywhere. (giggles)


Daddy Pig: Peppa, stop being angry! Go to the playgroup now.

Peppa: Yes, Daddy. (walks away)

(at the playgroup...)

Madame Gazelle: Good morning, class. Today we'll... (hears the fire alarm blaring) Ohh! There's the fire drill.

Peppa: Fire drill? Where?!

Madame Gazelle: When there's no fire because we must be safe.

Peppa: Oh... (screams) AAAAAUGH, NO FIRE!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (runs away, and the camera zooms into her mouth)

(one minute later...)

Madame Gazelle: Whew! I'm glad the fire drill ended. (sighs) Today we'll use addition. Peppa, what's 572 plus 570?

Peppa: 941,009.

Madame Gazelle: Incorrect! Peppa, you're going back to Hawaii!


(back to Hawaii...)

Hawaiian Teacher: Good morning, class. Today we'll use addition. Danny, what's three plus 14?

Danny: 17.

Hawaiian Teacher: Correct! Peppa, what's 50 plus five?

Peppa: 250.

Hawaiian Teacher: Incorrect! Peppa, you're going home!

Peppa: (in Darth Vader voice) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (sobs loudly)

(at home...)

Daddy Pig: Peppa! I can't believe you get scared by a fire drill and get expelled at Hawaiian school! That's it! Go to your room and no Hawaiian school for 29472833748383627275,0000000000000000,00000000 years until death!




The Hawaiian school teacher looks like Mr. Zebra, the postman and Zoe's daddy.

The fire alarm sounds like a buzzer-like horn.

Will Peppa ever go back to Hawaii?

Peppa has Darth Vader's voice when she yells "NOOOO!!!".

This is the first appearance of Gumball and Darwin.

This is the only time Peppa goes to Hawaii.

Release Date

June 13, 2012 (UK)

June 20, 2012 (USA)

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