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pedro pony losing his ticket on a train


Pedro in hospital


Pedro on a swing on a branch of the tree Peppa's gang's treehouse is in.

Poke you

Appearing in the Angela Anaconda X Peppa Pig intro


Drawing a picture in the episode 'Pedro's Pictures'.


Getting picked up early by Mummy Pony due to an allergic reaction to a sesame cracker Madame Gazelle gave him in the episode Pedro and the Sesame Cracker.


Appearing in the game Pedro's Allergy Free Game.


With Parrot Balloon, his favourite toy

Bredro Brony (new version)

My version of Pedro as an MLP : FiM pony.

Pedro is an artistic and sensetive pony and is the clumsiest out of the whole school, he is concerned about turtles escaping and he is obsessed about super people. He likes to call Peppa "Mrs. PC Queen". He sometimes is late for Playgroup. He is a Pony


Pedro wears a yellow shirt and glasses. He has tan skin.


  • Pedro is originaly from Spain.
  • Peppa calls him names such as 'nerd', 'fish-lips' and 'weakling' (The way Peppa treats Pedro is based on the way Angela Anaconda treats Gordy Rhinehart).
  • His mom gave birth to him sitting down.
  • He is the token nerd in Peppa's gang
  • His house is brown, has a reddish purple door, an attic, a chimney and is built on a hill where lots of bushes are growing.
  • He is friends with Buster Baxter as seen in Trip to Elwood City.
  • In the episode Fruit, he wanted a cheese smoothie but changed his mind when he heard that smoothies has to have fruit in them and wanted a raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and gooseberry smoothie instead.
  • He isn't smart.

    Pedro Pony, as seen in Peppa Daredevil.

  • His cutie mark is of three pictures of Peppa's head.

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