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Miss Rabbit

Miss Rabbit is a main character in the series. She is Mummy Rabbit's sister.

She looks exactly the same as Mummy Rabbit.

She wears a yellow dress. In CreationBeTheWorld23's fandom she wears a teal dress with short aqua sleeves so she can be told differently from Mummy Rabbit.

She also, tends to have a ton of jobs such as, a bus driver, a cashier, an engineer, a fireman, a helicopter pilot, a china shop owner, a recycling plant owner, an air hostess, a firefighter, a librarian etc. It has even been made into a joke in the episode "Miss Rabbit's Day Off" some times she is confused with Mummy Rabbit. In one episode Mummy Pig when with other Mommy's to a thing but Miss Rabbit was there and she is not a mommy only 2 things 1 she has kids or 2 Miss Rabbit voice is done by the voice of Mummy Rabbit.

Miss Rabbit has a pet goldfish called Ginger. She owns a C2 bus, which he drove a real C2 London bus. That was seen in "Miss Rabbit Drives A Real C2 Bus".

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